Chemical Oxygen Demand Test Kit (COD ) (C. O. D. )

Chemical Oxygen Demand Test Kit (COD ) (C. O. D. )

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Chemical Oxygen Demand Test Kit (COD ) (C. O. D. )

Matriks TR - COD   Turkey
Posted Date: August 19, 2005
Specifications: Our COD test kits: Measuring Range : 0-150, 0-1.500, 0-15.000, 10-150, 25-1.500, 500-10.000 mg/L COD Standart Solutions for AQA : 100, 1000, 5000 and 10.000 mg/COD Economic : (29 tests + 1 blank) / box Method : ISO 15705, EPA 410.4 Quality : All our products are controlled in our Quality Control Department Periodic Quality Controls by accredited TUBITAK laboratory (Government Laboratory) Attendance to laboratory qualification test organized by TUBITAK UME Analysis : Applicable to most photometers and spectrophotometers (Please send me a mail for detailed list) Environment Friendly : 5 times less toxic materials compared to open reflux. User Safety : All toxic chemicals are in a closed tube Shelf Life : 3+ Years Application : Process Control Water and wastewater analysis Environmental Laboratories Water and wastewater treatment plant laboratories University laboratories Industrial company Laboratories Country of Origin : Turkey Weight : 710 grams/box We can also produce different ranges for companies with different needs. Matriks


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